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Learn 80% of the verbs which are most common in the Quran. Two pdf documents, small and large words with definitions. Can use as a cut out and match activity.

Learn the 100 Most Frequent Quranic Arabic words with this pdf printout.

Vocabulary from the renowned Madina Book 1, also know as duroosul lughatul arabiyya. Comes in two pdf documents as well as an editable excel sheet.

Classic Arabic Vocabulary cards covering the six scales of thulaathi mujarrad. Comes in two sizes, small and large. Students can cut out and match words with their definitions, or use a cover-up exercise to learn…

Prayer in Congregation worksheet with answers. Used with adult Alim class. Pdf and editable word versions included. Please note that these lessons should be delivered by a qualified alim (scholar), and serve as prompts to…